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I’ve had the great fortune to work with highly innovative, visionary people. Continuing in that vein, I am interested in working with folks who understand the importance of integrity, collaboration and creative exploration. Exploring new paradigms in business and thought. I am based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, but ALWAYS interested in travel!

  • PHOTOGRAPHER:  Natural light environmental portraits, landscape photography.

  • SHOOT PRODUCER:  Art direction, storyboarding, content planning , market research, talent casting, location scouting, organizational, logistical & expenses. 

  • PHOTO EDITING:  Curation and management of photo collections, photo digital compositing, image research, processing RAW & HDR  files, retouching and color-correction of high-resolution photography.

  • DIGITAL IMAGING TECH (DIT):  Management of digital files; tethering for professional photo shoots.

MY MUSIC WITH RHIANNON GIDDENS   PBS Series  (March 2022 - Present)

  • FIELD PRODUCER & DIGITAL IMAGING TECH:   Location scouting, location manager, logistics, and management of digital assets (download, backup and review) for episodes of the national PBS show “My Music with Rhiannon Giddens”.

SEAN BUSHER IMAGERY    (March 2018-Nov 2021)

  • SHOOT PRODUCER:  Client communications, logistics, pricing, talent casting, location scouting, expenses & social media.

  • PHOTO EDITING:  Processing RAW and HDR files, retouching and color-correction of high-resolution photography, desktop and online management of photo assets, photo digital compositing.

  • DIGITAL TECH:  Management of digital images, tethering using Capture One for professional photo shoots.

DAVID HOLT'S STATE OF MUSIC    PBS Series  (September 2017-Sept 2019)

  • FIELD PRODUCER (Season 3 & 4):  Location scouting, location manager, logistics & organization for episodes of the national PBS show "David Holt's State of Music".

AERIAL FILMWORKS  |  GEO1    (2010-July 2017)

Aerial Filmworks evolved out of Ron Chapple Photography when the photography business model was changing dramatically due to the internet.  At Aerial Filmworks, I expanded my skills greatly with aerial, time-lapse and panoramic photography, digital mapping, an interactive project with the Grand Canyon National Park, and a documentary project for the Badlands National Park. GEO1, started in 2014, is an offshoot of Aerial Filmworks which deals primarily with aerial surveys.  

  • PHOTOGRAPHER:  Landscape, aerial, time-lapse and electrical survey projects.

  • DIGITAL MAPPING:  Analyzing client data for job quotes, and preparation for use in GEO+ camera overlay. Converting and editing

    camera GPS metadata for video editing and client deliverables.

  • PROJECT MANAGEMENT (Geo1 Survey projects):  Flight logistics, digital asset management, ground support, directing crew in

    helicopter for survey work, editing photographs, and exporting RED 6K frames for client deliverables.

  • Oversaw development of interactive moving map synchronized with video footage.

  • Social media management.

  • Assisted with planning & development of FootageQuest stock footage website.


Ron Chapple Photography was a world leader in commercial stock photography for 25+ years. Working at RCP, I gained excellent knowledge and experience in virtually every aspect of the business, from retouching and digital illustration, to photographing and producing large scale shoots. 

  • SHOOT PRODUCER:  Art direction, storyboarding, content planning , market research, talent casting, location scouting, expenses.     

  • SENIOR PHOTO EDITOR:  Edited 17,000+ stock image collection (Iofoto). Managed 40+ worldwide distributors.

  • PHOTOGRAPHER:  Commercial Lifestyle Stock.

  • Digital Photo Compositing, retouching and color-correction of high-resolution photography.

  • DIGITAL ASSET MANAGEMENT:  Cataloging, backup, file naming protocol, keywording and metadata of media.

  •  Assisted with planning & development of Thinkstock stock imagery website (now Getty owned).

  • Managed team of color correctors & retouchers.


GRAND CANYON NATIONAL PARK:  Accessibility Project   (2008-2009)

Photography & mapping for Grand Canyon National Park accessibility project. Shot panoramic photographs hiking from the North to the South Rim, and created a Google Earth interactive tour map and video for the park.   Narrated Google Earth Tour

'BEAUTIFUL BADLANDS'  Documentary   (2012-2013)

Director of Photography & Time-Lapse Photographer for Badlands National Park Visitors Center documentary.



Collaboration with contemporary dance company Baran Dance, and musical duo Bless These Sounds Under the City. Created a multimedia presentation (photographs and footage) for the 1-hour performance, along with excerpts presented at TEDx Charlotte and Pecha Kucha Charlotte.  Excerpt:  Drunken Rose   |   Excerpt:  Too Much Everyone

CONVERSATIONS WITH NATURE  - Art Collective   (2018-Present)

Member of  "Conversations With Nature" art collective. We create art based on our strong mutual love of nature, and our dedication to the conservation and education of earth and all it's creatures. March 2019 (C3 Lab),  March 2020 (Goodyear Arts).


Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Bridge, Google Docs, Microsoft Office, WIX, Basic HTML.


Appalachian State University: Liberal Arts Studies

Randolph Community College : Commercial Photography

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