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Sara Woodmansee

(Seven oh-Four) 451-7572


I am a happy camper. I don't understand boredom. The longer I live, the more I am fascinated by the world. I will never stop learning.

Music, art, nature, travel, and animals make my heart swell. Documentary film & photography, yoga, food, hiking, herbs & plant medicine, shamanism, holistic health, environmentalism are passions, among others.

I’ve had amazing experiences and worn many hats, learning multiple skills along the way: Film and photo shoot production; Building, editing and distributing a 17,000+ photo collection; High-end photo retouching and digital illustration; Hanging out of helicopters shooting aerials; Shooting time-lapse and photo directing a documentary for the Badlands Park; and hiking across the Grand Canyon shooting panoramas, to name a few.

Based in Charlotte, NC,  but always interested in traveling. Seeking new creative opportunities in photography and film. Contact me and let’s talk!