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Special Projects & Collaboration

'BEAUTIFUL BADLANDS'  Documentary  (2012-2013)

Director of Photography & Time-Lapse Photographer for Badlands National Park Visitors Center documentary.

'Beautiful Badlands' Trailer

GRAND CANYON NATIONAL PARK:  Accessibility Project   (2008-2009)

Photography & mapping for Grand Canyon National Park accessibility project. Shot panoramic photographs hiking from the North to the South Rim, and created a Google Earth interactive tour map and video for the park.  

Narrated Map Tour

'Conversations With Nature' Art Collective  (2018 - Present)

Member of  'Conversations With Nature' art collective. Work based on our strong love of nature, and our dedication to the conservation of mother earth and all it's creatures. March 2019 at C3 Lab,  March 2020 at Goodyear Arts, in Charlotte NC.


Dance Under the City Sounds  (2014)

Collaborating with contemporary dance company Baran Dance and musical duo

Bless These Sounds Under the City was one of the most fun and creative projects I’ve ever had the joy to work on.  Joining music and dance with imagery = dream come true.  I created a multimedia presentation (photographs and footage) for the hour-long performance, along with excerpts presented at TEDx Charlotte and Pecha Kucha Charlotte.  

Excerpt:  Drunken Rose

Excerpt:  Too Much Everyone

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